Pinning External Repos on Organization Page

I was under the impression that repos that I own can be pinned on an organization that I own. However, none of the external repos that I own are being displayed in the pin list when clicking pin repo in right side of the organization that I own. Shouldn’t I be able to pin other repos outside the organizations page that I own on the organizations page that I own. Thanks

I tested that, I only have one repo in my org but I cannot pin from my personal repos


what you can do is transfer the repo to your Org so you can pin it

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Yeah… plz contact Github Support I hope they can fix that issue

That isn’t a good solution for me because the other repo is meant to be an independent project outside the org. From a marketing perspective I would like to keep it that way. Also I have several published packages that would need changes in their registry. I don’t want to change the registry since it is currently the projects name not the orgs as it should stay.

you will be pinning it in an Org but it should not be part of the Org ?

how about forking it then pin it ? because it should be independent, then just make a copy of that so you can pin it

I submitted a ticket for this.

oh ok
that’s greate :slightly_smiling_face: