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As often in recent years, images are suddenly no longer displayed in the browser. But on GitHub, they do.

For 48 hours, on multiple computers, different browsers reproducible

![Win-DLNA Server](../_image/dlna-1.png)

Last Time:

Static HTML has never been so unpredictable

Any idea?

Hello @petergyger,

I believe the issue is that your images are located in a directory that begins with an underscore (_). Jekyll typically ignores these directories and their contents. So, I would recommend renaming the “_image” folder to just simply “image” or place them in the assets/images folder. This should hopefully resolve the issue.


It hasn’t worked for 2 days
It works on Github
It does not work in the browsers

Conclusion: “Jeckyl does not like underscores”?

Testing is better than believing, so I’m trying

Pretty much. The only files/folders that should include underscores at the beginning would be those that are listed here. If the file or folder that begins with an underscore is not one of these, it’ll usually be ignored by Jekyll.


Thanks for the URL
At the bottom of the page is how to do it if you want to use directories with underscore

I changed the directory to “image” - directly in the root. Modified the code.
Unchanged: In GitHub OK, in browsers NOK

I saved the image file in jpg format, adapted the code and again NOK

Any Idea?

Looks like you may need to move up one directory when referencing the image. Try changing:




Because currently it appears it’s trying to pull the image from the /praxis/ directory which does not contain an image folder. When moving up one directory it appears to work.

Thanks for your persistent help

Unfortunately, the syntax adjustment to “/…/image…” NOK

Let’s go back to “Start”
I have been posting with pictures on Github for several years
Since 48 hours it works - only in the browser! - no more.
If the syntax was the cause, it would also be displayed incorrectly on GitHub.

With David Wells’ “How-to”, I have now switched to HTML-img tag. And it works


Like I said, every couple of months I get weird phenomena with pictures and markdown on GitHub. You should stick to static HTML as much as possible

Thanks for your support

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