Picking up extraneous issues

I have a low-traffic repo with only a handful of issues. Today, for the first time, I referenced my latest issue “6” in a post to an earlier issue “4”. For reason(s) unknown to me, Issues 1 and 2 now contain references to issue “6” - but issues “1” and “2” were never mentioned. What hole have I stepped into now???

The repo’s “Issues” page is here

This is strange indeed., the cross references are out of synch. Doesn’t look good at all — potentially, the problem might take a life of its own as the number of Issues grows.

Well - thanks for the input, but it’s not helpful.

Seems GitHub has discontinued support from their technical staff - possibly a sign of a downward spiral?

more likely a sign of this being summer time period, with reduced staff (there was a banner about it a while ago).