Pi Camera Faulty Detection

Hello guys, I’m currently working on a project that implements Pi Camera and Raspberry Pi for object detection purpose. The setup will not include monitor, which means, after getting all the softwares, I/O, and other stuffs ready,I will remove the monitor. My raspberry pi will run for all day long, but if my camera is down, how do I detect it without using a monitor? 

Thanks in advance. 

If the Raspberry Pi is still connected to your network (wired or wireless), then you’ll remote-connect to the RPi. You can google “raspberry pi remote connect” or here are a couple of links.

Assuming it is all set up properly, a possible symptom of the RPi/camera being down is your remote connect fails.

If you can remote connect, you’d test the camera to see if it’s working:

raspistill -v -o test.jpg

If your RPi isn’t network connected, then physically examining the unit would be required. Unless you disabled the camera LED, it’ll light up when the camera is doing something.