Hello. I can not remove the…"

Please tell me how can I hide the folder “PHONE” in the address bar (URL) when using my site from a mobile device (phone). Those. I now have And I want it to be so ! And one more question. If you know, please tell me how to set up the site so that a user visiting my site from the phone includes the “Full version” function (for example, this function is present in Google Chrome for mobile) and the full version of the site is displayed for the computer (PC) and not for phone? Sincerely, Eugene. (Sorry for my english)

Hi, could you please specify which language / framework you are working with

  • I think you basically created 2 pages, one for standard desktop users and one for mobile users that has a route /phone. Mobile and desktop should be the same page with responsive layout

  • as for showing / hiding “Full Version” use CSS. Code below hides  it from the mobile user

    Full Version

    @media only screen and (min-width: 600px) {
    .fullVersionFunction {
    display: none