PGP Signing in GitHub Web Editor

Is there any way to do PGP Signing from the GitHub Web Editor? Our repository requires commit signing and being able to do this from the web editor would be amazing.

I’ve been playing around with Codespaces and already have that signing things, so maybe that is going to be the only way outside of local PGP signing in your own environment.



GitHub will automatically use GPG to sign commits you make using the GitHub web interface. Commits signed by GitHub will have a verified status on GitHub. You can verify the signature locally using the public key available at The full fingerprint of the key is 5DE3 E050 9C47 EA3C F04A 42D3 4AEE 18F8 3AFD EB23 . You can optionally choose to have GitHub sign commits you make in Codespaces. For more information about enabling GPG verification for your codespaces, see “Managing GPG verification for Codespaces.”
About commit signature verification - GitHub Docs

But, no, I don’t think there’s a way to use a different signing key from the web editor.

(I’m assuming you’re talking about the classic editor and not the vscode powered

No I do mean from vscode editor. One of my coworkers (as well as myself) committed from it and it showed up as unverified. Is there a setting we have to turn on for this similar to what you have to turn on for Codespaces?

This looks like the theoretical documentation (note: I don’t use codespaces):

I think in the end the vscode editor editor may not support pgp signing. I’ll have to keep on testing to see if there is some setting that has to be enabled for this to work properly.