Personal Default Branch for multi team repositories

Hello everyone.

I know that this is not available as a direct feature already, but maybe there are alternative approaches or it might be considered for a future feature.

In short: We would like to have a mechanism where each developer can overrule the default branch of the repository to an own custom one.

In long: We have multiple teams in a monorepo where each team has their own develop branch. It is cumbersome for team members to change as part of every PR the target branch to their team-develop branch. So it would be nice if everyone can decide on their own what their default branch is.

I’m currently considering to make a browser plugin or extend refined-github. But actually it would be great to have it in GitHub by default.

Welcome to the community, @Danielku15! I don’t have an alternative for you, but I can suggest submitting this enhancement on our Discussion specifically for Feedback. Click here to post it!

If anyone else has any alternatives - let us know below :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer. I cross posted it over at the feedback discussions.