Personal access tokens

I followed the procedure to generate a Personal access token. I then tried this new access mode (Sign in) but without success. Thank you in advance for helping me solve this problem.

In Git Bash or other client with cURL installed
will return message":“Requires authentication”…
curl --header 'Authorization: Token ’
will return you login and some detais about your login, id and other details
if it does not your token is not setup correctly (or you experienced a cut and past type error when it was displayed one time only, so what you thing you have saved to clipboard or elsewhere is not in fact you correct token)
The token is something like 40 characters long

You can display your existing tokens (but not the values)
If you’ve lost or forgotten this token, or it does not work for you, you can regenerate it by selecting [Regenerate Token]

If your token is working, you will need to provide more details of steps to reproduce “I then tried this new access mode (Sign in) but without success”, including how you tried to sign-in, in what tool (desktop, CLI, git etc.) or with what commands, and what messages/errors received.