Personal access tokens & organizations repository

I am part of an Organization that requires 2FA to login
I use successfully Personal access tokens to push repo under my account,
but when I try to push to a second organization
I get this error message

Username for '': [user]
Password for 'https://[user]': 
remote: Temporary clone tokens are read-only.
fatal: unable to access '[organization]/packages.git/': The requested URL returned error: 403

and github desktop return this error
AFAIK I cannot use ssh authentication with git push.

Step 4 in the docs confuses me, as I don’t see any enable/disable sso option in my account.

Did I miss something?
Thank you

Hi there iapicca! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

The docs you linked to are for SSO, which is only used on GitHub Enterprise. Is the organization you are trying to push to an Enterprise org? I would guess not, if you’re not seeing that option.

The errors you shared indicate that authentication is failing, so it seems likely you have something incorrect cached that is interfering when interacting with this repository.

You can read about setting up credential caching here:

(Click for relevant OS version)

Depending on your OS, the method of removing anything currently cached will be different.

For Macs, it’s the Keychain app:

For Windows:

  • Open the Start Menu
  • Search for Credential Manager, and open it
  • Find a GitHub username and password under Generic credentials, and remove them

For Linux, this stack overflow answer should point you in the right direction: