Personal access token - git repo not accepting new PAT

Not sure what I might be doing wrong. Followed instructions at “Creating a personal access token - GitHub Docs” very carefully -
When at CLI, asked for UserName, entered my username. So far, so good. When asked for Password, entered PAT – and told I did not have access, need to refer to page above, and given a 403 error.
Have googled this, searched in here…
Is it an issue bc I use Vercel? Can’t see how, but maybe?

Any help appreciated! Thank you!

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I am having the same problem! Sorry, I can’t help! I wish docs for coders did not gloss over the simple stuff. I am very new to this and need to know the basics.

Check your credential store, e.g. Mac’s Keychain and make sure the right PAT is present. This might be similar.

What about using a SSH key authentication instead?

I have a similar issue. When I follow the instructions and enter my PAT as password it tells me support for password authentication was removed on Aug 13. SO it does my recognise I have pasted in my PAT instead of a password. I am now stuck