Personal access token for cross-repo Github project board

Hi, the newish Github project cross-repo Kanban board feature is very nice and useful for teams.

I’ve been working on this project: - a big-screen visualizations for the project Kanban boards deisgned for big-screen display (check it out  - it is free and cool).

It seems impossible to generate a personal access token for the github API in a way that provides read-only access to public repos and projects. Accessing public Kanban boards seems to require the  

Full control of private repositories permissions (plus the Read org and team membership permission).

This prevents web-deployed client-side javascript apps that use the Github API from being able to display public project info. Is there a solution to this issue?


Hi @avive! Thanks for submitting this feature request. I’ve passed on your suggestion to the appropriate team. I cannot promise a timeline on this, but any change we make will be documented in the GitHub Changelog.

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Was there an issue created somewhere to track this?

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