Persisting Data


I have a question about storage in Github Actions.

Reading through the doc, I don’t understand if the 90 days limit retention policy is applied to everything, meaning do I lose the history of all my runs or just limited to the artifacts ?

You can see that the workflow ran, but the detailed logs are not available. Example here: Update demo5.yml · devopselvis/my-github-actions-demos@9f3f295 · GitHub

So yes, it also applies to your logs. You’ll still see in the Actions tag that it ran, but you can’t access the detail logs or artifacts.

When say history, do you refer to the log of a workflow run?
Yes, it expires as well:


The workflow run will still be listed on the Actions tab and the summary will remain accessible, including the list of jobs, but none of their details.

Packages or releases you create with a workflow do not expire, however.

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