Permission denied ( pu

$ ssh’s password:
Permission denied, please try again.’s password: Permission denied (publickey, password).

So, I generated my keys using Putty as I use WIndows 10. I am trying to connect to this cluster called ‘FARM’ using Gitbash terminal. I am already connected using Putty terminal. What might be the problem? I am using the password/passphrase I used to open my private keys. How is my password still wrong? Is it a different password? What is the issue here? Please help me out

That’s the remote server asking for your password, not the SSH command asking for the key passphrase. Most likely the issue is that the ssh command is OpenSSH, which has a configuration that’s independent from Putty.

The best option here is to create a new keypair using OpenSSH (the command is ssh-keygen) and install it on the remote host (e.g. using the existing Putty connection).

You might be able to export the Putty keypair in OpenSSH format and use it that way, but that seems error-prone.

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