"Permanent link" bot silently ruined the meaning of my post

The bot that makes “Github link was replaced with a permanent link” edits to posts on this forum silently ruined the meaning of my post. The post included URLs of the form “https://github.com/OWNER/REPO/tree/BRANCH/path” in order to discuss how GitHub.com processes such URLs. Replacing “BRANCH” with a commit ID may be useful for a link whose purpose is to cite particular code, but in the special case of discussing URL processing itself, the edit destroyed the meaning. If I hadn’t spotted the problem and found a workaround to stop the bot from editing my post (breaking up the pattern match using a <span> tag), readers might have been confused.

In general, I feel like it’s wrong for bots to make automatic edits that risk ruining a post. It would be better to ask the author when a post is saved whether the links should be edited (although I realize that may be too much work to implement in Discourse) or have the bot add a permanent link without removing the original link. FWIW, the bots I remember seeing on other web sites tend to add information without deleting the existing information.

(Is there a better category for topics about the GitHub Support Community itself?)