PERL and the git shell on Windows: cannot

I have had success getting pre-commit scripts on Git to work, particularly with Python scripts. However, I ran into a problem when including a tricky new module in Perl.

The Algorithm:Permute module threw errors until I added

export PERL5LIB=/c/Strawberry/perl/vendor/lib:/c/Strawberry/perl/lib:$PERL5LIB

This is where I have installed my extra PERL modules for Windows.

Once I added that, I got this line:

“Can’t load ‘/c/Strawberry/perl/lib/auto/List/Util/Util.xs.dll’ for module List::Util: No such process at /c/Strawberry/perl/lib/ line 70.”

use List::Util qw(reduce);
use File::Compare;

use Algorithm::Permute;

Now, this is just one script I could re-write in Python, but if there is a simple thing I’m missing and someone points it out, I’d be grateful.

So I don’t know if the GitHub forums are the most appropriate place to ask, but how can I install a version of Perl and the List/Algorithm modules that are compatible with the Git/bash shell? And if there is a more appropriate forum to ask, where should I go? Thanks!

Unfortunately, we don’t provide support for specific languages. If you can make it work via Python, I would recommend using that approach. I don’t have any specific recommendations on where to go for Perl support (since it’s been ages since I’ve done anything with Perl), but you might want to try

I hope that helps!