Pending Request for Github Student Pack

Hi there,
My name is Kiran, I am a student and I’ve applied for the Github student pack on 21st July. Due to the quarantine and lockdown, I was unable to keep an eye on the request but now when I m able to get connected again I saw that my request was still pending. Today is 7th Aug.

I do know you guys might be facing similar problems too and might approve soon but this is just a humble request for you to review my application is you haven’t reviewed it yet so that I can work on further projects.


May be because of the lockdown, the no. of workers permitted at the git office may be less. So, the less no. workers at git may not be able to verify such a huge amount of information. So, please be patient. It will be verified soon (Around 10-11 Aug). If not, then try to reapply for the pack.

Hello @AcruuX

Welcome to the community and thank you for your continued interest!

We apologize for the wait; the time to review the application will vary based on the information submitted. Our Education team is working diligently to complete each application review. Please take a look here for more detail on the process: GitHub Student Developer Pack FAQ

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