PDFs not rendering

I have uploaded some pdf files to my repository. The pdfs were rendering on the day I uploaded. I was able to see them on the next day too. Today I am checking and I see the pdfs are not rendering. Is there any changes or updates on Github side?

Hi @chaitanyasugathan :wave:

Welcome to the community! Do you have a link to a public repository where this is happening?
Do you get any errors when attempting to view the file on GitHub.com ?

Hi Ernest,

Looks like the issue is resolved. I can see the pdfs rendering today.

Fyi, I had tried from multiple devices and browsers before I raised the help request. Now I can see that I am able to see the pdfs on all of them.

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Thanks for the update. Please let us know if this happens again.

(Some) PDFs have stopped rendering correctly on Github since approx 30 June 2021 - they are now displayed as a large white box.