PDF not loading

The pdf file, that I uploaded to my project, is not loading when I double-click on it – “Sorry, something went wrong”. Is PDF typically problematic in git projects? The project is still private, so I cannot point you to it. … thanks.

No, not typically. For example, I uploaded a PDF to my test repo and it seems to work fine. On the other hand, I’m only single-clicking the file as one would with any other web link rather than double-clicking as you mention.

It is possible that your PDF file is one that has some error or some other complexity that our site can’t render a preview for it. But you should still be able to download the file using the download button in the upper right of the preview box.

I hope that helps!

Octocat loads fine for me, and, when I went back to my rep, my PDF did, too. Just one of life’s mysteries. Thanks for the response.