Payment method for my organization

Hello, a couple of weeks ago I’ve asked the following questions in the previous ticket.

“I’ve been working on my game project with my team for some time and now we need to use Github for better collaboration, we have established our group in the form of an organization within GitHub with the free plan, soon we realized that we need to purchase Git-LFS pack so we can Keep Pushing/Pulling our project files, The issue is because we live in Iran and our country is under U.S sanctions (fortunately according to Advancing developer freedom: GitHub is fully available in Iran | The GitHub Blog GitHub is available in Iran again) still we are not quite able to pay for better features, What solution can you offer so that we can keep working on our project especially we need to use Git-LFS to transfer our files.”

the solution that I got was this “Once work-around that others have used it to purchase a pre-paid credit or gift card from outside Iran and add it to your account for payment. In this way, you should be able to pay for Git-LFS data packs”

I would like to know
First; according to the options that I’m provided with I either can use a Credit card or a PayPal account, which neither of them is suitable for me, How am I able to use Gift cards or prepaid cards to purchase more LFS data packs?

second; on the “Upgrade data plan” page It says " $5.00 per month for 50 GB storage and 50 GB/month bandwidth", my question is what will happen if I don’t renew the subscription for the month after, will the storage capacity and bandwidth go back to their defaults? in that case what does happen to my data if I already used a chunk of that “50 GB” Storage space? or the storage capacity and bandwidth won’t change at all?