Path filter not matching?

I have a workflow that has trigger like:

    - '*'
    - 'go/**'

Yet, this workflow ran whe a coworker opened a PR (and pushes commits) that only touched files under js/foo/bar

My intent was to only run my Go unit tests if any go code was changed as well as any files in the root of the repo.

Any ideas?

I’m afraid that I can’t reproduce this behavior.  Is your workflow public?  If so, can you point me to it?

I believe I’m having a similar issue. Here is my workflow file:

      - '.github/workflows/pullrequest-workflow.yml'
      - '**.js'

I have a branch feature/foo-bar where I add commits. The workflow is triggered everytime the branch receives changes even when those changes are *not* in **.js files or the workflow file itself. I add changes to a and the workflow starts.

Considering that I will be billed for my actions very soon this could actually cost me quite a few money. Please allow this off-topic question, but since this looks like a bug to me how will cases like these be handled?