Past run logs etc. being overwritten by Re-run jobs

I initially raised this as issue #1118 on actions/runner but @tingluohuang suggested that it should be raised here instead.

Enhancement request
Please keep and show logs for every re-run, whether it passes or fails.

At present if I have a failed run, which might have valuable stuff in the logs, which I might want to refer to in an issue for an upstream fix or whatever, that gets lost when the job is re-run.

  • example atsign-foundation/at_server_trunk #25 initially failed due to a missing dependency, but re-run was successful after implementing a local fix, but now there’s no way to get the logs showing the original issue.

Similarly if a successful run is re-run and then fails, there’s no evidence that there was ever a successful run.

  • example atsign-company/labels #95 (can’t link due to new user limits) succeeded on its initial run but then failed on re-run.
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atsign-company/labels #95