Password by new repository

Hi! I cannot push my repository though my terminal on Mac. I have deleted password out of keychain. Made a new password for GitHub. Tried to clear everything out and still get this message showing a “key” at the end of the password prompt. Only the image of the key appears and I cannot type my token WHAT AM I DOING WRONG??

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Don’t expect it to change position. Just paste your token and press enter. It should do the right thing.

Not progressing means something looking at the screen can’t know how many characters are in your secret.

Thanks a lot! Yesterday I spent all morning trying to upload the project. Could it be that there are tokens that are not authorized to do some things? After having read your answer I also made a new token and in the configuration I checked all the options.

Yes, depending on the scopes you select. For general repository access you need repo, if you use Actions you’ll also need workflow to push workflow files.