Password access and token authentication

Hello, I don’t use my GitHib account often, but when I do use GitHub Desktop (from Windows 10), and I can push my changes to my repository successfully, but I get an email telling me:

You recently used a password to access the repository at xxxx/xxxxx with git using git/

When I go to the help page regarding this, I read:

Workflows affected

*** Command line Git access***
*** Desktop applications using Git (GitHub Desktop is unaffected)***
*** Any apps/services that access Git repositories on directly using your password***

So, is GitHub Desktop really unaffected? If so, why am I getting this message?

Thanks for your help, its probably obvious to those of you that operate in this realm frequently.

@ellisrj thanks for the question! The reason GitHub Desktop was unaffected is because the application has always generated an OAuth token for authentication. We were never storing a basic username/password to use for authentication. This means that you wouldn’t have been logged out of GitHub Desktop when this change happened since it had a valid OAuth token associated with your GitHub account. If you have any specific questions about this let me know!