Passing builds not completing

It looks our successful builds aren’t completing even though all jobs are green. Here is one example:

All of the jobs are green but the check suite can still be canceled and the circle in the upper left shows a tiny yellow sliver. I can’t find anywhere that tells me what it’s trying to do. It’d be nice to get it green so that build artifacts are downloadable. (Is there any way to access them before all jobs complete?)

Any ideas what needs to be fixed? Thanks!


In my experience, it just take a silly long amount of time to process the logs before the workflow is marked complete (maybe 1 hour after all jobs finish for the longer workflows I have). That said, a week seems a bit too much.

If you look at our project, going back to the older pages, you can see that the builds were completing just fine, but recent builds have been stuck for up to many hours, greatly skewing the calculated “run duration”:

It seems to have been caused by having many jobs…

Another change I’ve made at the same time was to move to alpine images. Not sure if that’s related though…


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