Pascal records project

Hi y’all
I’ve got a question here I’d like to be assisted with.
On the contrary it’s two.

  1. Write a program that will read 100 students records, group them into males and females and then calculate the mean mark for each group. Assume that the name, sex, and marks are obtained.
    2 Given three integer values that represent the date month and year, write a program that outputs the date for the following day considering the month lengths and that of February on a leap year.
    The programs should be written in Pascal programming language.
    Thank you.

Hi @shamsa-scego,

This appears to be homework. We want to help you get the information you need, but we also are concerned that just giving you the answer will rob you of the necessary skills you’ll need to develop. If you can describe the things you’ve tried and how they haven’t worked for you, perhaps someone can give you a nudge in the right direction.


Hi @nadiajoyce

I appreciate your concern… 

Actually the tricky part was to write the whole question and maybe compare my answer to yours. 

For instance… The second question… I managed to halfway complete it. 

The problem is I need the program to read me the date after 31st December of a year to 1st January of the next year… 

Would really appreciate if I had a little clue of what has to be done. 


Sorry if my handwriting isn’t that good. 

I needed an additional code that reads the 1st day of the next year in case the current date is 31st december.