Parameter ''using: composite ' is not supported, use 'docker' or 'node12' instead. Github Server 3.0.1

Hello all,
The title says it all, according to the Actions documentation, it should be possible to use composite actions, but when I tried using an action with such action.yml:

  using: 'composite '
    - run: ${{ github.action_path }}/myscript ${{ }}
      shell: bash

from a repository with such .github/worflow/test.yml :

    - uses: Actions/my-action-repo@main
      name: A name
      id: tests
        my-input: 'tests'

Are composite actions available to GH Server users ?
Thank you

Hey @anthonydahanne, that is strange. Composite actions should be supported on Enterprise installs so I don’t know why you’d be seeing that specific error. Would you be able to post your full workflow file and the full composite action so we can see what’s going on here and attempt to reproduce?

There’s a space between e and ' which shouldn’t be there. Maybe that’s the problem?


Hello @Simran-B ,
Good catch, indeed I got a trailing whitespace! and removing it, made it work.

@thomasshaped thanks for the suggestion, I was about to give more detail, but @Simran-B suggestion was spot on!

@thomasshaped the error message is not explicit though, I suggest it should have displayed:

Parameter ”using: composite ’ is not supported, use ‘docker’ or ‘node12’ or ‘composite’ instead.

instead of:

Parameter ”using: composite ’ is not supported, use ‘docker’ or ‘node12’ instead.

That would have hinted me that composite is well supported and I only made a typo in it - can you direct me to a bug /feature request?

Thanks to you both!

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Omg what a find, I totally didn’t see that either :joy: Thanks, @Simran-B! And yeah, I’ll report this to the Actions team because that’s a confusing error message :v: