Pagination when listing image tags does not work

I have container packages with thousands of tags, and I need the pagination to get them.

When I do the following request<name>/tags/list?n=<integer> (Docker Registry HTTP API V2 method) the response contains all tags (n) but no Link Header.

I think this is a serious problem because pagination is used in all registry tools (for instance, crane).

In addition, the same token is not enough when using the GitHub API to retrieve tags from package versions:

{"message":"Resource not accessible by integration","documentation_url":""}

Thank you very much for submitting this. Will follow up when the fix is out!

Thanks. Without pagination, everything works fine, but for some users current behavior with pagination may be a surprise.

Alright this should be fixed now. Please let us know if there are still issues.

Thanks for the quick fix, everything works properly.