Pages user site not published

I had the same problem but choosing a theme, worked for me. Go to Settings ->Scroll Down to Github Pages -> Choose Theme then choose one.

same thing happend to me and till now its not live

Same problem !!!
I’ve seen so many people have the same problem, why this is keep happening?

THANK YOU. This fixed it…not sure if it was the branch or theme but it worked!

its working bro thankx

Thanks so much! It works now!

If you already have another github page running, you may need to unpublish that one first before trying to load the new one

If you get the error try change the repo name to something else or do ctrl+shift+r to reload the page and if both don’t work copy the files and upload them into a new repo

after publishing my website it shows like this…? please help me…

Thanks for helping :grin: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :grinning:

this actually did the job form me, thanks buddy :slight_smile: