Pages user site not published

I have a site at that shows 404 when i try to visit it through

This has been happenning for almost 2 hours.


Here are two screenshots


Hi @signalshore

I just took a look, and your site appears to be live currently. 

If you’re still seeing a 404 error, it’s possible your browser is serving a cached version of the page from before it was successfully published. If you happen to be using Chrome as your browser, you can use the keyboard shortcut Control+Shift+R to fix this. Alternatively, you could try visiting your website in an incognito or private browsing window.

It’s also good to note that it can take up to ten minutes for a GitHub Pages build to complete (and for your changes to appear) after pushing a new commit to your repository. So sometimes, it takes a few before you’ll see your site as you expect it.

Hope this helps!


same thing happening with me for hours and site is not live till now. i have cleared my cache too, tried in incognito as well still not working what to do

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You can’t have a subdomain that isn’t your username, and if you do a differently named repo, it will not automatically get set as a github page. Go to the repo settings and turn on github pages on the master branch. Then, your page should be at because of how you named your repo.


Hello, im presently also having the same issue, it all started with deploying through m terminal, first got the

fatal: A branch named ‘gh-pages’ already exists.

Solved this by deleting the node_modules/.cache folder.

Then proceeded into re-running deployment and got another issue.

fatal: destination path ‘node_modules\gh-pages.cache\!derahn!My-portfolio.git’ already exists and is
not an empty directory.

Solved this by visiting my repo setting and dissabling the gh-pages section (setting source to none)

On doing this, everything seemed to work ok, with my terminal finally displaying the published solution.

But then its been about an hour and still getting the 404 error code.

Heres the link to the site:

Please advice accordingly, thanks

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Hello, newbie question: if I have a second repository in github, what do I call it then? (If the repository can only be called, only that one github repository can be published)

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Ahhh, I reread your post and now understand how to resolve. Thanks!

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Same happend with my site, thank God I saw this post and my problem is solved

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Same Thing happened to my hosted site too. Page not found. How do I fix this?

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   even i have am facing the samr problem…i have tried what u have mentioned in the post but still it’s showing page not found

can u help me in this regard please…

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I had this issue and the culprit turned out to be that I had created a repo just before with the same name and then deleted it. When I renamed the repo of interest the live page loaded up just fine.


I have the same problem that a lot of people are having, but don’t see how it is getting fixed.

I was hoping to use the address <username>.github,io,

I first tried creating the pages in a repository called /docs, but under settings -> GitHub pages -> Source,

the option to use docs as the source was greyed out.  Then I tried creating a repository

<username>, and when I do that, under settings -> GitHub pages -> Source, rather than

giving me a menu, it says that “Your GitHub Pages site is currently being built from the master branch”

and above that it says “Your site is ready to be published at http://<username>

Sounds good, but when I click that link I get a 404 page.  I’m sure I’m missing something

(maybe “ready to be published” is different that “published” and I need to do something else),

but I don’t know what.

Any ideas?

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Well, never mind.

After I changed the name to my repository, I had to make a commit before it would get published.  But not it’s up.

My site is not published. 

When I login to github and navigate to settings page and go to github pages url, I am able to access the website.

But when I clear cookies and cache and type the url in browser, I am seeing 404 error.

Please can anyone help me with this?


You can publish your other repositories as well using Github pages but the domain from which you can access it is <your-username><your-repo-name>

Still its 404 Bro!!

My site is still not available and I am experiencing the error 404! Anyone was able to see their websites live?

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Did you figure out the issue? I’m having the same one :open_mouth:

I assume you were able to push the code successfully to the repo.

Make sure the following things are in place:

  1. Angular Cli Version should be 8+.
  2. Repo should be public and not private - navigate to settings and change the repo to public.
  3. Try the following command: ng deploy --repo=<userID>/<repoName> --base-href=https://<userID><repoName>/

In the settings page, you’ll get the generated link.
Check the network tab to see if the bundles are being loaded successfully, else clear the cache once and try : ctrl + shift + R.