pages user site not published

I have the same problem that a lot of people are having, but don’t see how it is getting fixed.

I was hoping to use the address <username>.github,io,

I first tried creating the pages in a repository called /docs, but under settings -> GitHub pages -> Source,

the option to use docs as the source was greyed out.  Then I tried creating a repository

<username>, and when I do that, under settings -> GitHub pages -> Source, rather than

giving me a menu, it says that “Your GitHub Pages site is currently being built from the master branch”

and above that it says “Your site is ready to be published at http://<username>

Sounds good, but when I click that link I get a 404 page.  I’m sure I’m missing something

(maybe “ready to be published” is different that “published” and I need to do something else),

but I don’t know what.

Any ideas?

Well, never mind.

After I changed the name to my repository, I had to make a commit before it would get published.  But not it’s up.

My site is not published. 

When I login to github and navigate to settings page and go to github pages url, I am able to access the website.

But when I clear cookies and cache and type the url in browser, I am seeing 404 error.

Please can anyone help me with this?

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You can publish your other repositories as well using Github pages but the domain from which you can access it is <your-username><your-repo-name>

Still its 404 Bro!!

My site is still not available and I am experiencing the error 404! Anyone was able to see their websites live?

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Did you figure out the issue? I’m having the same one :open_mouth:

I assume you were able to push the code successfully to the repo.

Make sure the following things are in place:

  1. Angular Cli Version should be 8+.
  2. Repo should be public and not private - navigate to settings and change the repo to public.
  3. Try the following command: ng deploy --repo=<userID>/<repoName> --base-href=https://<userID><repoName>/

In the settings page, you’ll get the generated link.
Check the network tab to see if the bundles are being loaded successfully, else clear the cache once and try : ctrl + shift + R.

Posting this reply because I ran into the same problem and using the response marked as a solution did not work for me.

To publish my page, I followed the steps in here:

I got a 404 error when I navigated to <username><repo-name>

What worked for me was
-ensuring my repo was public
-changing the name of my repo to a new name (to repo-name2 for example) and then
-updating the package.json file with “homepage”: “http://<username><repo-name2>”
-then running npm run deploy command again

this fixed the problem for me.


You need to chooose a theme in settings.  Click ‘Change theme’ and choose one.



Thank you! Worked for me.

I also had the same problem like this last week and when using an incognito mode, everything was fine.

My 404 problem was fixed when I called my repository the same as my username.


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Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much! This is the piece of info that totally helped me! 

I tryed both of solution but it still not working. It shows following.

thanks so much

this is the real solution. Thanks it worked for me

I’m still having problems.

I’ve had my site for years. I just upgraded my Pelican.

In settings, I’m serving from gh-pages. My generated code is in gh-pages.

I’ve selected a Jekyll theme (why do I need to select a Jekyll theme for a Pelican blog? I’ve never had to do this before.)

My site is still serving the content from before I updated and pushed the new, generated code.

What do I do?

Thanks it worked.

For those who still are having problems,

I faced the same issue. I published my github pages site and then visited as advised in the docs but got 404 not found error as everyone.

But, the actual working link is:
i.e. https://<username><reponame>/ 
wherereponame is same as <username>

Hope it helps.