pages user site not published

Same happend with my site, thank God I saw this post and my problem is solved

Same Thing happened to my hosted site too. Page not found. How do I fix this?


   even i have am facing the samr problem…i have tried what u have mentioned in the post but still it’s showing page not found

can u help me in this regard please…

I had this issue and the culprit turned out to be that I had created a repo just before with the same name and then deleted it. When I renamed the repo of interest the live page loaded up just fine.


I have the same problem that a lot of people are having, but don’t see how it is getting fixed.

I was hoping to use the address <username>.github,io,

I first tried creating the pages in a repository called /docs, but under settings -> GitHub pages -> Source,

the option to use docs as the source was greyed out.  Then I tried creating a repository

<username>, and when I do that, under settings -> GitHub pages -> Source, rather than

giving me a menu, it says that “Your GitHub Pages site is currently being built from the master branch”

and above that it says “Your site is ready to be published at http://<username>

Sounds good, but when I click that link I get a 404 page.  I’m sure I’m missing something

(maybe “ready to be published” is different that “published” and I need to do something else),

but I don’t know what.

Any ideas?

Well, never mind.

After I changed the name to my repository, I had to make a commit before it would get published.  But not it’s up.

My site is not published. 

When I login to github and navigate to settings page and go to github pages url, I am able to access the website.

But when I clear cookies and cache and type the url in browser, I am seeing 404 error.

Please can anyone help me with this?

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You can publish your other repositories as well using Github pages but the domain from which you can access it is <your-username><your-repo-name>

Still its 404 Bro!!

My site is still not available and I am experiencing the error 404! Anyone was able to see their websites live?

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Did you figure out the issue? I’m having the same one :open_mouth:

I assume you were able to push the code successfully to the repo.

Make sure the following things are in place:

  1. Angular Cli Version should be 8+.
  2. Repo should be public and not private - navigate to settings and change the repo to public.
  3. Try the following command: ng deploy --repo=<userID>/<repoName> --base-href=https://<userID><repoName>/

In the settings page, you’ll get the generated link.
Check the network tab to see if the bundles are being loaded successfully, else clear the cache once and try : ctrl + shift + R.

Posting this reply because I ran into the same problem and using the response marked as a solution did not work for me.

To publish my page, I followed the steps in here:

I got a 404 error when I navigated to <username><repo-name>

What worked for me was
-ensuring my repo was public
-changing the name of my repo to a new name (to repo-name2 for example) and then
-updating the package.json file with “homepage”: “http://<username><repo-name2>”
-then running npm run deploy command again

this fixed the problem for me.


You need to chooose a theme in settings.  Click ‘Change theme’ and choose one.



Thank you! Worked for me.

I also had the same problem like this last week and when using an incognito mode, everything was fine.

My 404 problem was fixed when I called my repository the same as my username.


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Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much! This is the piece of info that totally helped me! 

I tryed both of solution but it still not working. It shows following.

thanks so much