Pages refuses to serve CSS from one branch, but works on another


We have been using GitHub Pages to host our project’s documentation from the master branch for several months without issues.

In the last few days we have been trying to automatically build our documentation and host the built version from the gh-pages branch. The HTML is being served without problems, but we are getting 404s on the CSS and JS files.

Could someone from GitHub please take a look and let us know if we are missing something? We can’t see a difference between our master and gh-pages branches, but the behavior is very different.

Here are the links to the repository and the broken page:

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Does anyone have any suggestions? We are going to have to work around this issue by deploying to master and running the deploy script off a different branch, which is counterintuitive.

Update: I think we have found the root cause of this problem.

Our CSS and static assets were in _static, and we had not added a .nojekyll file to the new branch, therefore they were being dropped from the published site by GitHub Pages.

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