Pages not building, environment is missing

My site is displaying an error 404. I have it correctly hooked up to github pages. There is an index.html file. I am pulling from the main branch at root. The github-pages environment is missing.

I am having the same problem with another site under ownership of the same organization, except there is a github-pages environment.

For both sites I have disabled and reenabled pages, disabled and reenabled the custom domain, no difference.

Any ideas/ways to fix this?



may I ask for the link of the repo so that I can check?

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The first mentioned repo is vidsites/vidsites
The second mentioned repo is vidsites/toothpaste

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you are using a custom domain, that maybe is the problem,

because if your site is already hosting

the content should appear on your site,

you can give further details so that we can see,

my suggestion is to make sure GitHub Pages is working before you customize the domain, because is not the root of your GitHub Pages, when it’s deployed it will be

if that is working already then you can proceed to custom domain, that custom domain if DNS is improperly configured can still result to 404,

it will take time to update GitHub Pages before you can see the changes,

so at least we know which one is causing the error,

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or try a new repo, put a content on README, enable the GitHub Pages, wait a little bit, and you should be seeing the content on GitHub Pages, even if there is no index.html, because you just want to make sure that GitHub Pages is really working,

if that repo is already being hosted on GitHub Pages, you can put all your website files, and it will surely work

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I recieve an error 404 even when not using a custom domain. I have waited overnight and still get the same error 404. I have the domain properly configured (I can provide the records if that would be helpful).

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Hello @mrhappyma!

We are sorry for the inconvenience, this is directly related to a beta feature we shipped yesterday: GitHub Pages: using GitHub Actions for builds and deployments for public repositories | GitHub Changelog

Your repository has Actions disabled and this is causing the builds not to happen at all currently.

This is being worked on now and should be resolved within a few hours.

As a mitigation (if you like and temporarily), you can just enable Actions in the repository.

Oh, that sorta half makes sense!

tysm for letting me know

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Hello yoannchaudet!
I see a repo.actions_enabled record in the org audit log from a person who didn’t do it (she confirmed it). Is it related to this feature?

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Hello @pacahon,

That does not sound to me like it can be related. But I suggest reaching out to GitHub Support which will be able to investigate that for you.

Hi @yoannchaudet,

My second site is still not loading…

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It loads just fine for me here:

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Well now it is working for me.


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welcome I also get error code 404, already. I tried everything to make it work. But it’s been almost six months. * :thinking: :flushed:

I am checking at your profile, I can’t see any repo that you are hosting on GitHub Pages, if there is, can you give me the link so that I can check it,

Hi here’s my profile page so you can see it.

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Megnézem a profilodat, nem látok semmilyen repot, amit a GitHub oldalakon tárolsz, ha van, megadnád a linket, hogy ellenőrizhessem?

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