Page opens but throws 404 and not updating on new commits

Hello, this might be a very basic question, but it’s been a while since I made changes to my page And when I pushed new changes today I am unable to see them, and my browser console throws me 404. This still presists when I revert back to the old working version. But my friend says he can still open and view the site as the older version. I’ve tried pushing a empty commit and nothing changed. What should I do?

It looks like you’re using some sort of Single Page App system in your Pages site. Have you done a forced browser refresh? Since you have a .nojekyll file in your repo, there isn’t a Jekyll build process for your site. It is just a straight file copy. Unless you’re getting emailed build errors, deploys should be happening normally. I notice that your resume is showing up just fine and that was updated only three days ago.