Page not rendering (React.js) after adding custom domain - was working before

I’ve recently updated my repository to a react app, my site was previously held in another repository (, but was just standard HTML/CSS/JS and had my custom domain ( pointed at it.

After uploading my react app to the new repository, I confirmed it was working on GH Pages at: and the site rendered correctly.

So, I removed the CNAME file from my other repository, then archived it. Then assigned to the new repository. After this the page only renders blank.

Edit: Just so my site isn’t down, I’ve added the CNAME back to the original repository.

My repository here:

Typically what causes the kind of symptoms you’re describing is that when the site’s base address changes from to, there are paths in various files that need to be updated. When those haven’t been updated yet, things show up blank or weird.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to debug it without going to the site when it is broken and looking at it with the developer tools to see which requests failed. Once you can see which requests failed, then you can search for matching paths in the source code to fix them up.

Let us know if you have more questions.

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