Page "is having problems"

I have a Jekyll page located in a private repository, that has been working fine. However, when I pushed a new article today, I received the message “Your site is having problems building: Page build failed. For more information, see”

The repository is private, I have a Pro account.

The repository size is around 27 MB.

The site runs fine with even after bundle update and bundle exec jekyll serve, and displays no errors when built locally. Is there a way to get a more detailed error log?

I have a reference to jekyll-paginate in the config, however that is listed under

I have managed to resolve the error. I had a link to an uncomitted file, which was present locally. This caused an error during build. It would however been helpful, to access the build log while debugging this.

Hi @chrisk91, Thanks for being here and coming back top share what worked for you!