Page display problem

Hi all

Am just getting started here but am having an issue with this page not displaying properly in GitHub. It looks fine in Atom editor, where I created it. Have tried deleting the repository and re-creating it a couple of times, clearing my cache and changing the name of the “main” folder to “master” before re-uploading the files. The images are all there but the CSS styling is not working.

Here’s the URL:

Any thoughts, do let me know.



There’s a capitalization issue:

  <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/styles.css">

The existing CSS file in your repository is at CSS/styles.css, just use exactly the same capitalization in the href to make it work.

That it works locally probably means you’re working on Windows, which is known to ignore case in file names (AFAIK that’s a remnant from the DOS days).

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A simple fix, which worked a treat! You learn a new thing every day.

Thanks muchly