Page build warning for executables that are excluded

Have a _config.yml that excludes folders that contain some executable build tools from the webpage, but for every change to the repo I get the same automated warning e-mail about these files despite being excluded:

It looks like you’re using GitHub Pages to distribute binary files. We strongly suggest that you use releases to ship projects on GitHub. Releases are GitHub’s way of packaging and providing software to your users. You can think of it as a replacement to using downloads to provide software. We found the following file(s) which may be a good candidate for releases…

Am I missing a way to prevent this? The files definitely seem to be excluded correctly. Cannot access them from the web page. Just using an “exclude:” line in the _config.yml.

Unfortunately not, there isn’t a way to directly prevent this warning from being sent.

This warning is generated by the GitHub Pages site builder and is generated and sent before Jekyll is invoked to build and parse your site. This means that the excludes aren’t taken into account at the time this warning is sent.

The only way to prevent these warnings from being sent is to either:

  • Remove the executables from your repository
  • Store them on a different branch from your Pages publishing source
  • Store them outside of the docs directory, if you’re using this directory to host your site
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I store exe file in exe subdirectory

Can you describe ( steps) how to “Store them on a different branch from your Pages publishing source”

I deleted what ever wass left in my cache etc there’s no more info on this device