Page build timed out.

I am trying to publish a project, I get however this error message:

Your site is having problems building: Page build timed out. Please try again later.

and a similar email is sent to my inbox. The project doesnt have a single large binary file, but instead it has hundreds of thousands of small png images (20-40KB) which unfortunately are needed, they are part of the application, and tracked by git-lfs. (These images however are not going to change or get edited.) Hence the repo size is really big.

I believe its the repo size that makes jekyll to time out when it tries to build. Is there anything I can do on my side, like having a script somewhere in my project tree to help jekyll with the building process please?

Here is my repo:


Hi @acycliq,

Thanks for being here! The pages build is timing out due to the size of your repo. Reducing the size of your repository might prevent this from happening. You can find instructions on how to do this by removing some large files in this help article:

I hope this helps!


I am facing the same problem with . Any ideas? Is there a way to tell to just increase the build timeout?

To built the website, github needs a clone of your repo, and if that takes more than 10mins then their site builder times out.  Do you have big binary files in your repo? How big is it? I *think* when it gets bigger than 3GB then you are entering the danger zone, you will start getting time-outs.

I dont know of any other way other than reducing the repo size to prevent having these time-outs

I hope that helps

I am stumbled into a similar kind of error. I am new to Github and I have really enjoyed its services.
I am using distill to create new posts. I can render my markdown file and produce the html output that I want. For some time, it was complaining UTF-8 encoding. I added encoding: UTF-8 in my site.yaml file. That error doesn’t appear again. However, after pushing my changes to my GitHub repository, I receive another error. I tried it several times. I don’t think it is because of the repository disk quota.

The page build failed for the master branch with the following error: Page build timed out. Please try again later. I have no idea what is happening. I am new to GitHub pages. I wish someone can help me solve this.

My GitHub repository

I have googled for long time trying to solve this and then started tweaking things out of frustration. This was fatal mistake. The entire page doesn’t work and shows 404 error.