Page build failure

For some reason GitHub page failed to build, the error is generic. 

Tried to run Jekyll locally as recommended here, no errors are displayed except /favicon.ico not found, which I suppose doesn’t matte_r_:

$ bundle exec jekyll serve
Configuration file: /home/anna/Desktop/Jekyll/atsd/_config.yml
            Source: /home/anna/Desktop/Jekyll/atsd
       Destination: /home/anna/Desktop/Jekyll/atsd/_site
 Incremental build: disabled. Enable with --incremental
   GitHub Metadata: No GitHub API authentication could be found. Some fields may be missing or have incorrect data.
                    done in 16.127 seconds.
 Auto-regeneration: enabled for '/home/anna/Desktop/Jekyll/atsd'
    Server address:
  Server running... press ctrl-c to stop.
[2018-03-13 17:45:19] ERROR `/favicon.ico' not found.

The page is displayed too, but it can be some old, not broken version.

  1. How can I catch the error to find out the reason and fix it?
  2. Can the reason be related to the limit on the number of builds?

Hi @annstriganova,

Hmmm, this might be a situation where you’d want to reach out to private support via our contact form so that we can take a closer look at your account and repo. You can do that here, and you can reference this forum post so that you don’t have to type out everything again, if you want.