Page build failed, then succeeds after adding empty commit

I’m using GitHub Actions to automatically build and deploy my Hugo-based site. Every time it pushes the site won’t deploy, giving the basic “Page build failed.” error under settings. However when I push a new empty commit to it, it builds successfully and deploys the update. is the most recent example that failed to build, and fixed it.

For security reasons, he GitHub Actions GITHUB_TOKEN doesn’t have the ability to spawn any successive workflows, including GitHub Pages builds. If you want an automatic Pages build to run, you’ll have to create a Personal Access Token or deploy key and store it as a separate secret to do so.

I hope that helps!

This is unbelievably shobby work on GitHub’s part.

I’ve wasted a day, as in literally 24 hours, almost without sleep on figuring out that this is the issue.

Underwhelmed that this is not cleary mentioned ANYWHERE.

Actual humans with what used to be lives use your software.

Was it really so hard to figure out that people need to know this?

I’ll pass along your feedback to the team. It is mentioned that an action in a workflow can’t trigger a new workflow in the event restrictions documentation. You are correct, however, that it doesn’t specifically mention GitHub Pages.

Wouldn’t it just make sense to explode and not even accept a workflow, at least for an organizational repository that is even TRYING to use GITHUB_TOKEN?

I mean, that’s like the sole reason those accounts exist for in the first place.

A nice fat, shiny, juice, warning/error would at the very least help the next poor guy/gal.

The docs there specifically say:

“An action in a workflow run can’t trigger a new workflow run. For example, if an action pushes code using the repository’s GITHUB_TOKEN, a new workflow will not run even when the repository contains a workflow configured to run when push events occur.”

Why would a normal user even be aware that GHP, internally, uses workflows to publish the website.

To the untrained eye, that reads as: “if you, the user, expect your own workflows to trigger with GITHUB_TOKEN, they won’t”.

This is how people who don’t work for GH would read this.

Yes, I’ve already admitted that the documentation specifically doesn’t mention GitHub Pages. Please be aware that GitHub Actions is currently in beta. We are working hard to improve the service and the documentation as quickly as we can. However, if the current experience is as frustrating as it seems to be for you, you may want to wait to use GitHub Actions until we announce that it is ready for general availability.