Page build failed: how to get the logs?

Hey team,

We are generating a static site for

Although we have updated some content in the repository we can’t see the modification anymore on the website. 

The file we modified is which should be published under

The last element on the website is:

since: '2019-05-25',

Although it should have been:

since: '2019-07-03',

When we look at the settings page, we can see this error message:

Your site is having problems building: Page build failed.

So I tried to run Jekyll locally and everything ran fine without any error. I was able to retrieve the page locally.

I wonder if there is any way to access the logs to understand what is going on. Any idea?

Reported at

Anyone has an idea?

You can contact private support at to get more information as to what exactly might have gone wrong. You may also want to double-check this guide on how to set up your local Jekyll environment to match our build environment to be more likely to generate the same errors locally.

Let us know if you have more questions.