Package removal from Registry

Hi. I am trying to manually and forcefully remove a container image associated to a repository of mine from the old registry
As you can check by going to the repository I am talking about, it is releasing two images, a single-versioned one from the aforementioned old registry and the other one, actively maintained and updated from the newly introduced registry.
I know there’s a documentation page which is pretending the task to be extremely easy, but in my case there’s no delete button for either an image or a specific version (and this only applies to images from the former registry, as I can perfectly see the buttons for images/versions from the registry).
I also tried using bunch of cURL requests via CLI, but the functionality is apparently not supported via CLI: {"message":"Package deletion from the command line is disabled in GitHub Package Registry. For further details please visit".
Any help so far?

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Hi @streambinder – We currently do not support public package deletion for Docker packages (on, but we are working on adding that support which should be coming very shortly.


I can confirm the feature has been added: I managed to remove the package straight from GitHub page.