Package not found - gradle android studio

I’ve uploaded a few packages to github packages, I tried to pull this package into a android project:
Package · kunal26das/androidx-essentials (
Although it does appears in my local cache, but gradle is still unable to identify it.
My project level gradle has this maven repository decaration:

maven {
            url = ""
            credentials {
                username = "kunal26das"
                password = "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"

My app level gradle has this implementation:

implementation "androidx.essentials:io:1.0.0"

This didn’t happen with bintray, but since bintray is now sunset, I’ve been looking for alternatives.
Any help regarding this will be much appreciated.

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Hi @kunal26das,

password = “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”

I’ve just revoked this token because it included the repo scope, which grants write access to any of your repos. :fearful:

Have you had any more luck since you posted?