Package/Filename refactor problem

In Java am renaming Packages to conform to the naming standard. But files within same new directory/packaage name end up going to three locations.

Original - MFM/src/Phweda/MFM

New - MFM/src/phweda/mfm

After committing the 13 files now in MFM/src/phweda/mfm/ datafile  the files end up in:

MFM/src/Phweda/MFM/ datafile /

MFM/src/phweda/MFM/ datafile /

MFM/src/phweda/mfm/ datafile/

How did you rename the folders?

You can try using (for example):

git mv MFM mfm

to rename the folders.

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Made all changes locally and synched with Github desktop.