Pack exceeds maximum allowed size

Hi, im trying to upload a unreal project with more than 5Gb. I purchase the 50Gb space, installed the GitHub LFS, but I always receive that error message.

I read in another topic that its possible to push by parts, but I tried without succes, or because I dont know how to use the commands or for another reason…

How can I send my files?


:wave: Welcome!

It’s going to depend on the makeup of your repository how you can do this.

Even with LFS, the maximum file size is 2GB-5GB depending on your plan. If you are trying to push a file that is larger than the limit for your plan, you either need to upgrade your plan or you need to find a way to make that file smaller. It’s a hard limit.

Are you seeing a message about “non-blob object size limit exceeded” followed by a commit SHA and another rather large number (which would be the size of the object in bytes)?

I’ve personally found this git-sizer tool very user friendly and gives you a full picture of any areas of concern.

When you’ve installed that, the git-sizer --verbose command will give you a nicely formatted table that should format nicely here too, if you want to share your results!

If you don’t want to install a new tool, feel free to just share the error message you get when you try to push your repository.