Ownership transfer: "EmoteCollector already has a repository in the EmoteCollector/aioec network"

I have a repository, https://github.com/EmoteCollector/aioec. I’m trying to fork it to https://github.com/EmoteCollector/requests_ec.

I wasn’t given the option to do that when I clicked fork. The “where would you like to fork this to?” dialog only gave me bmintz and another unrelated organization, even though I own the @EmoteCollector org. So instead, I forked it to bmintz, renamed the fork from aioec to requests_ec, and then tried to transfer ownership to EmoteCollector. Then I got this strange error:

“EmoteCollector already has a repository in the EmoteCollector/aioec network”

I have two questions:

  1. What does the error mean?
  2. How come I couldn’t transfer ownership to EmoteCollector? I am the sole owner of that org, and (as far as I remember) it is no longer a separate account.

Hi @bmintz,

If I’m understanding correctly, it sounds like you were essentially trying to fork into the same account. This is not actually possible. It’s not currently possible for one account to own multiple repositories in the same network. However, we do have an article in our GitHub Original Series that goes over some alternative ways of handling this. I’d recommend checking that out.

I hope this helps!