Over a year of git history deleted in remote without any evidence of who and when

I’m investigating a issue where a large amount of my commit history has been deleted from the cloud (not locally). The issue is on bitbucket and so far the investigation does not appear to be taken seriously. They haven’t even been able to confirm when the history was rewritten after a total of 3 days with the issue.

Can anyone confirm what githubs actions would be in this type of situation? I don’t see a option under “help” for “other” or some way i can contact github directly to ask about this. If I move all of our repositories over to github from bitbucket it would be pointless if the security audit trail was just as bad at github.

I’ve looked up your linked issue, but it seems you’ve delete it, so can’t comment on that.

If you still have a local copy then why not push them again?

That’s odd, because it’s in the nature of all Git services to host the repository Reflog (which, BTW) you have a local copy too, so you should be able to investigate that by yourself in virtue of being the owner of the repository.

I don’t want to go as far as saying that errors don’t happen (because they do — human error, machine errors), but Bitbucket is known to be a good Git hosting service (like GitHub, GitLab, and others) and having used it myself I tend to find it quite unlikely that the whole Reflog of a repository would just disappear (that would be a serious instability issue affecting the whole service, not just one repo).

GH Actions have nothing to do with this.

I think the problem is more likely due to some accidental Git operation, either locally or online, than a security flaw with any of these services.

I think they meant as a company, what would GitHub’s actions be.

Your right! I’m starting to “nerd-read” and always assume the tech meaning comes first. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: