Output is skipped cause it may contain secret

The original issue was described here.

How can I avoid this? Is there some workarounds or maybe possible future fixes from github team?

I cant get the point why do we have to skip variable if it partially contains secret - isnt this a leak of that secret? For example, if my variable like secret-some-sault is shown as ***-some-sault and then its value is being skipped due to it may contain secret, so now I can be sure there is some secret with that value even if I’m not org admin, but just a member with access to some repo (e.g. can make new repo secrets).

@weide-zhou Hi, do you have some intentions to edit runners behavior from hiding output if it contains any secret to a behavior where it hides if it’s equals to secret or even not to take any action at all?

UPD I’ve dropped my secret, which in my opinion was the reason of skipping my jobs output and that didnt worked, it is still skipping and now I’m thinking its because my output contains organization name, like ‘myorg-kindof-service’ and thats why is skipped