Output interpretation: Deconvolution with ABsolute Immune Signal (ABIS) deconvolution

Dear all,

I’m using ABIS for deconvolution of bulk RNA-seq. I’m getting some negative values in the output. From the instructions here: https://github.com/giannimonaco/ABIS
I understand that can be ok. What I don’t understand is how do I interpret the result.

  • Negative values close to zero – they are likely due to technical or biological variability. Simply set them to zero or scale all the values up so that the minimum value is zero.
  • Very low negative values – there might be strong biological or technical variability for the cell type with such values. Exclude the cell type from the analisys.

I don’t really understand what does it mean that the values are close to zero or very low, since it sound subjective to me.

Also, If I should transform/normalize the output table, what is the most recommended method to do so? will it be min-max normalization?

All the best.